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African Wild Ass

They are the Somali wild ass E. They do not have a fixed breeding season and can mate at any time of the year, but prefer the rainy season.

The gestation period lasts for around 12 months after which one offspring is born.

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The young weigh around lb 8. They are fairly well-developed and can stand on their own and nurse just 30 minutes after birth.

Photos with African Wild Ass

They are weaned after 5 months. Both genders reach sexual maturity after 2 years, but males may take up to years to gain the right to mate.

The African wild ass is a very robust animals with a sturdy built. This mammal is perfectly adapted to its desert habitat. The African wild ass can survive immense water loss of as much as 30of its body weight and restore this huge loss within only 2 - 5 minutes when drinking a water. The African wild ass is a critically endangered species of donkey found around the Horn of Africa. Its former range included Egypt, Sudan, and Libya, but persecution for meat and hide have reduced their population to a mere few hundreds. Sep 19,   This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

They live in the wild for around 30 years, but in captivity, they may survive for up to 50 years. The sounds that they make to communicate with each other are called brays.

Other than this they also use smells, tactile methods, and visual cues to communicate. Most adult African wild asses are on a constant lookout for trouble. Predation mainly occurs on the young and old. Common predators are wolves and lions.

Wild ass mating

Your email address will not be published. Their current range has greatly reduced. Within this territory, scattered populations of the African wild asses are found in hill and stony deserts, semi-arid bushlands as well as grasslands with presence of surface water.

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These animals live in a very flexible social system, frequently gathering in temporary groups consist of up to 50 individuals and may be either single-sex or mixed. Adult males of this species control large home ranges, typically placed near constant sources of water, which provide access to females that pass through their territories. Meanwhile, other males usually join bachelor groups.

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Females and their young form separate groups. They can live without water for as long as a few days. These mammals spend the hottest part of the day in shelters. Typical forms of communication are vocalizations, visual signals, smells and physical contact.

Hardy Wild Asses of the Indian Salt desert - the Rann of Kutch

The African wild asses perceive their environment through acute hearing as well as developed senses of vision and smell. As grazers and herbivores, African wild asses mainly feed upon grasses, supplementing this diet with occasional herbs and browse. The African wild asses have a polygynous mating system, where each territorial male mates with numerous females.

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These animals breed during the wet season. Females of this species are able to produce offspring after 3 - 4 years old. They yield young every year, from October to February.

A single baby is born after about 1 year of gestation. Over the centuries, these animals have been captured in the wild to be domesticated.

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They have also suffered from interbreeding with domestic animals. The African wild ass is now hunted in Ethiopia and Somalia both for food and traditional medicine. Due to the recent civil unrest in these two countries, the number of weapons in circulation has immensely increased, which can negatively impact the local population of African wild asses. These mammals also compete for food with domestic livestock.

Feb 21,   Mating season is in rainy season. When a mare comes into heat, she separates from the herd with a stallion who battles against rivals for her possession. After few days, the pair returns to the.

Additionally, they are threatened by agricultural development, reducing required amount of suitable water supplies. As reported by the Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered EDGE resource, the total population of this species is less than individuals, of which live in Eritrea, less than in Ethiopia and less than 10 in Somalia.

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