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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Literally, It's a story where Terezi sleeps with everyone not at the same time and takes a piece of clothing from each of them. I thought this was a good idea, each chapter will be labelled with the character s with terezi

He continued to hold her close. Admit it. You just want to get topped and fucked by everyone. Say it. No way that's a lie! His psionics were strong. She grunted as he stared at her. I want to get fucked by them allll! The longer she held out, the higher he forced her arms up.

simply excellent idea

He released her arms, wrapping his arms around her body. He lifted her up, carrying her to his couch. He set her so she sat on her knees, seating himself next to her. He tilted the camera up with his psionics, smirking. She spat at him, half playfully. He glared at her, concealed by his glasses.

He grabbed her and lied her across his lap. She yelped in surprise as he laid her on her stomach. He raised his hand and spanked her bare ass, listening to a cry. He spanked her ass again, spanking a few times before digging in his nails.

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He spank her again, spanking until her ass was a raw teal color. He didn't offer her to say it again, he just wound his hand back and spanked over again. Bragging rights to his friend.

He was gonna tell him how he spanked her like his bitch, then fucked her into the ground. As Sollux's hand begun to sting, he stopped for a minute, his plan was painful. He nodded and released her. She hesitated but slid off his lap, getting on her knees and hovering her ass so she wouldn't be in pain. He wrapped his arm around her.

Get down. She moved a bit, kneeling and getting on her hands and knees. Sollux knelt up, shuffling behind her. He slowly leaned over her, wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her to his body. He slowly slid one tentacle into her nook, sliding his other into her ass. She bit her lip as he did; she figured he'd push them both into her. She wasn't stupid. Sollux licked her ear, letting the girl adjust to the double penetration.

She gulped and nodded to him when she finished adjusting, signalling him to continue. He slowly began to thrust, unable to actually only have one move. He held her waist tightly, thrusting himself into her, hoping not to break her. She let out a long, drawn out moan, enjoying it. If all Captors had two bulges, she sure would enjoy them on a great level, maybe on a higher level than the Vantas'. He gave her big mounds a squeeze, thrusting himself into her a bit more.

She moaned out, gripping at the carpet. Usually Terezi would have her nook fucked with a buttplug, or a dildo in with her ass being plowed. It was like heaven, the way they moved together, the fast pace of fucking, she was loving it fully. Not only was the sex incredible, but the way Sollux held her breasts, fondling them, rubbing his palms over her sensitive nipples, she couldn't help it, she was weak to the feeling of a Captor taking control of her body.

Sollux used his psionics to move the camera off the tripod, bringing it down. He maneuvered it beneath her chest, getting an active shot of her breasts, squishing them in a way that would look best for the camera. In turn it caused Terezi to start breathing faster, close already.

congratulate, seems excellent

Sollux moved the camera lower on Terezi body, delivering a deadly blow, a deeper, harder thrust. It sent her over the edge, forcing her to orgasm for his camera. Her front half collapsed downward, only supported by his hands still at her breasts. Her knees shook as she felt weaker down there, her back half fully supported up by his impressive double dicks. He smirked cockily, thrusting a couple times before releasing his own load. Sollux used his psionics to move the camera back to the tripod, pulling himself out of Terezi.

Her lower half slowly slipped down, her support gone. He lifted her by the chest, pulling her to lean back on his body.


He kneeled with her panting against his body. He panted, only lighter; he wasn't done with her. He wasn't going to let her go that easy. Just recover a moment. Then we'll continue. He patted her cheek softly, he might be a tough, dominant top, but he did care for his partners. He stroked her cheek, softly, admiring her looks. He lied back, bringing her with him. She pulled herself up a bit, slowly pushing her nook around one of his bulges.

She moaned softly, slowly beginning to ride him. He used his psionics again, bringing his husktop behind her, working on some coding as she rode him. Terezi leaned down as she did, wanting to meet his lips. She took a whiff of Sollux as she did, smelling a reflection in his glasses. She turned her head fast, seeing his husktop and keys being typed. He was coding behind her back! How could he?!

You're not even paying attention to me?! Sollux was unphased, in fact he just continued his coding. She grd his wrists, gasping at his action. He flipped them around so he was on top of her.

He set his husktop down, using his hands to pin her wrists to the ground. I'm in charge. Don't you fucking yell at me.

Karkalicious definition makes Terezi loco

He glared, his psionics sparking her back. Sollux put his powers to work, opening a drawer all the way from his respiteblock, bringing a buttplug and remote to his hands. He grd it, prepping. He had to make it go all the way. He glared down at her, shoving in the buttplug. Terezi gd out a whimper, shaking. Sollux flipped on the switch, smirking. Punishment for a bitch. Terezi gripped the floor, her lower half was being put to the test. Sollux pushed her front half down, asserting himself to her.

If you do, this happens. She squirmed and shook a bit, fully at his mercy. He held her hips, bringing his husktop to rest on her back as he thrusted. She growled, quickly whimpering as he thrusted. She wanted to fight him back and pay attention to her, but she was in no position to make it happen, she was at HIS mercy, if she stopped it, he could easily just tell her to get out.

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She hated his power over her, but at the same time she loved his sex. He thrusted deeper as he continued. He was almost done with his virus, which meant his time with her was coming to a close. Sollux thrusted harder as he typed the last line. She moaned out loud, whimpering and crying in pleasure. He moved a hand to hold her stomach, trying to keep her up so his laptop wouldn't fall off.

Sollux finished his coding, moving his laptop to the couch before moving himself fully over her, moving his hands to her nipples, pinching and twisting as he thrusted deep into her. She cried out, shaking again.

She was close. Sollux twisted her nipples a bit further, pulling all the way out and ramming himself into her. She screamed of pleasure, orgasming almost instantly.

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He gave a couple more thrusts, before hitting his own climax. He rode it out blissfully, patting her hip. He pulled himself out, releasing her body. She slid down, gasping and panting.

You're a good stress relief. You can show yourself out Tz, I'm too tired to stay out here with you. Terezi pushed herself up, wobbling a bit. She pulled on her boxers and pants, looking for her missing bra. She grabbed her shirt and sighed, giving up on it. Terezi pushed open the door, exiting his hive. She had to admit. She did have fun, Sollux knew how to please a woman. Terezi unlocked Karkat's door, entering his hive carelessly. She closed the door, sniffing about. She heard a shift upstairs, making her way to Karkat.

He sat at his computer, most likely still blowing up at Sollux for what he did to her. She took note he was shirtless. And stop coming into my hive without any word of it! She was trying to use her breasts to keep him from picking a fight with her. Karkat looked up at her for a second before nodding. He smooched Terezi, caressing her cheek. She kissed him back, smiling and pulling back. 'fuck off' Search, page 2, free sex videos. Watch Fuck Off porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Fuck Off scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of . Terezi softly panted and John felt a bit more turned on, he loved his partners panting in pleasure, he loved panting in general, it got him off. "How about another go?" Asked John with a weak voice. He wanted to fuck her traditionally, more importantly to listen to her pant to him.

I could use some love. It had been too long. He moved his hands to her shirt, already wanting to pull off her shirt. He wanted to see her girls. He broke the kiss to pull it off, throwing it and kissing her again. He didn't waste time, he moved his hands back trying to unclip her bra. Karkat broke the kiss, confused by the lack of clip. She giggled, rubbing his muscles while he rubbed his hands along the strap, hoping he'd feel it. He looked at her back, seeing no clip.

There it was, taunting him. He was ready to punch a bitch. But probably not her. Karkat quickly unclipped it, pulling off her bra, staring down at her breasts. He loved boobs, they were soft and squishy, he just wanted to see them more. He cupped them, smiling down at her girls. He rubbed them softly, enjoying her mounds. Terezi let out a moan, loving every second of it. He leaned down to smooch one, moving his hands in a bit, palms rubbing against her nipples.

She moaned out louder, her nipples were sensitive. He slowly moved to play with her nipples, enjoying them more. He slowly pulled back from them, looking at her.

He moved her to sit on his recuperacoon, the outside of the recuperacoon. Karkat's red bulge squirmed, wriggling in tentacle slime, wanting the warmth of her nook or mouth.

She licked the length, savoring her favorite flavor. He softly groaned, stroking her hair. She licked his tentacle like a good girl, moving closer to embrace it into her mouth. She continued to lick at his troll dick, sucking on it a bit. His bulge was like a popsicle, and she was a hot girl in need of the refreshment.

Karkat grunted as he continued to let the small girl ravage his member. He took a step back, grabbing the back of his chair to support himself. She sucked on it, licking more lovingly. She softly ran her teeth over his bulge, she could bite it off and swallow the taste if she wanted to. Of course she wouldn't; he was important to her and their friends, plus she could enjoy the taste a different time.

Terezi sucked with full power, wanting his red genetic material. Karkat groaned louder, resting his hand on her head. He was close, but she didn't need to know that. He dug his hand into her hair, pulling her off his tentacle, releasing his cum on her face.

She gd, smiling a little as he did. She began to lick at her face as she stood up. Terezi stood up, sniffing up at Karkat. She knew he wasn't quite done with her. He sat her back down on the outside of his recuperacoon, laying her across it. She stuck out her tongue, peeling off some hair, giving him a face.

Terezi fuck off

He smirked slightly, raising his eyebrows. She smiled, looking at him. Karkat joined her in a laugh, placing his other hand on her chest, slightly pushing her down. He pulled his pinched hand back, plucking out a piece of hair she missed.

She yelped, whimpering a little. You put yourself out for others and you suddenly get more impatient Karkat was good at teaching her to shut her mouth and enjoy the ride. Karkat thought back to the 'love' she wanted and kissed her, thrusting himself gently. His hands reached for her tits, rubbing and fondling her girls again, quickening his pace.

He kissed her with a love unmatched by some, all while he thrusted his tentadick into the sweet place she loved. She couldn't focus on the kiss, she moaned loud to his lips, panting out in pleasure.

Karkat smirked to her lips as he continued. He found it so great he could bring the great Terezi Pyrope down to a whimpering moaning bitch. It was a power thing. He loved the power he had. He pushed his tentacle against her sweet spot, moving his left hand from her boob to play with her little tentacle.

Terezi's face tinted teal, feeling loved and pleased. Karkat smiled softly, twisting her right nipple. She gd and moaned out, releasing her cum to him, panting out. He grunted as he felt her slick genetic material around his tentacle, releasing his load, watching teal mix with red.

can not participate

She panted, sniffing up at her partner, hoping to read his pleasure. Karkat moved, bringing her with. He climbed into the comforting slime of his recuperacoon, pulling her in too. She smiled and nuzzled him softly. He glanced down at her, but she slept already. He smiled, smooching her forehead, sleeping beside her. You can totally start sending things you'd want to see or suggest to me what she could do with future characters I have a rough outline of what she's gonna do, but I could always bend or change those But lets say Theres a break in the middle, after the break it does include vorarephilia, which breaks down to is a paraphilia wherein an individual's sexual arousal occurs in response to a fantasy of themselves, another person or an object eating or being eaten.

Terezi sat outside Nepeta's cave, humming. She wore her favorite red dragon cape, smiling. She held her phone, messaging the feline. And thank you, this is something I've always wanted to do with someone.

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Terezi untied her cape, letting it fall. She pulled off her shirt, pulling down her pants. Someone would be lucky to find her clothes here. But hey she loved her friend.

She unclipped her red dragon bra, pulling it off as she slid down her matching dragon panties. She piled them on top of her other clothes, pulling up her dragon cape. She tied it around her neck, pulling up her hood. Terezi entered the cave, tilting her head. She walked through, sniffing. She smiled at the scent of olives, leaning down, trying to sneak up on her. She tackled, laughing. She tilted her head, surprised.

She didn't tackle Nepeta, it was just a dead animal carcass with olive green blood. She frantically turned her head both directions, sniffing for her. Terezi backed off the carcass, heading down the hall again, keeping her nose sharp out. She sniffed more, hoping to see her. Nepeta leaped from off the top of the cave, naked, tackling Terezi down.

Er I guess eight to seven, in favor of you. They kept record of who tackled who when they met up. Terezi gave Nepeta a few, purposeful, but now she was actually in the lead. I just want to play with my purrey first. Come on! She pulled over an animal pelt, lying it down. She grabbed another pelt, pulling it over her and using it like a cape, similar to Terezi's.

That one was a cat. The one lying on the ground appeared to be a spotted meowbeast. She pulled her down to a lying position. Terezi laughed in a silly manner, sniffing for Nepeta. Nepeta moved around, flipping Terezi over onto her front.

Nepeta wrapped her arms around Terezi's waist, smiling. I can't wait! This could be fun! A lot of fun! Nepeta smiled and rubbed her hips, slowly, gently pushing her olive tentacle into her friend. Terezi emitted a soft moan, hoping her feline friend would enjoy it. Nepeta mewled in pleasure, rubbing her hips in a nice way.

Terezi dug her fingers into the fur pelt. Terezi gd and leaned her body down, letting Nepeta use her like she wanted. Nepeta thrusted soft and gentle, wanting to go faster, but she respected Terezi along with her nook. Terezi moaned out, pleased. She enjoyed the slow pace, but she could go for something just a bit harder. Sure this didn't make much sense, a cat climbing on top of and probably eating a dragon. It made no sense, but Terezi wasn't going to argue.

She wanted to bottom, she just thought it was hotter than topping. The level of umetalstringsound.comedictability of what the dom might do, she craved that.

agree with told

And this was what Nepeta wanted. Nepeta mewled, and began thrusting harder, just a little, progressively getting harder. Terezi ran her fingers through the fur, loving it.

She brought a hand down to her own tentacle, rubbing the small appendage.

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She wanted to orgasm first and just stain the pelt. Actually she just couldn't get enough of it. She was like a horny slut. Terezi stroked the length of her bulge, moaning out a bit louder.

Nepeta felt her walls clench a bit, feeling the teal liquid fill around her. She mewled, pawing her hips more. She thrusted a bit, smiling at her friend. She was glad Terezi enjoyed it. She slowly pulled out, olive green oozing from her nook and tentacle. It's sort of gross! Now do it before I interrogate you and make you tell me! Nepeta steadied herself with a hand beside each side of her head. Nepeta licked at her face softly as a thanks, her blush darkening.

Terezi let out a soft surprised gasp, feeling a liquid over her nook. She took a whiff down, smelling lemonade. She realized what Nepeta was doing, she was peeing on her! It just smelled and tasted like lemonade. Sometime she was hoping for someone to piss in her mouth so she could have practically free lemonade. Nepeta chuckled a bit.

conversations! doesn't matter!

Terezi smirked and winked back. She reached to hug Nepeta, she was thin but buff, cute. Even cuter. She retreated out of the cave fast with a giggle. Terezi skidded to a stop for her clothes, gasping as she found them missing.

Instead in their place, a red g string and underneath it, a wooden board. She lifted the g string, sniffing it. It smelled dirty. She picked up the wood board, sighing as she read it.

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There was a rope around the top of the board, to be hung from something. She looked for her clothes, seeing them nowhere. She needed to get back to her hive. She pulled on the g string with an unpleasant groan, about to pull the wood board over but she found a note. You bitch!

Terezi groaned and crumpled up the note, tossing it aside. She growled and pulled the board over her head, using it to cover her breasts. She headed back to her hive, embarrassed. Terezi closed the door to her hive, leaning against the door.

something is. Clearly

She pulled off the sign, sitting on her chair. She sighed, sniffing her screen. Nepeta had messaged her on Trollian. She opened the chat window. I have at last caught mew and meow, I shall do what it is I have always dreamed of! She rubbed her little bulge, moaning softly, moving her hand a bit lower to touch her wet nook. Just the taunting was affecting the troll. She bites it again, tearing off more, watching the teal blood soak her cave.

She finds it a delightful thing to watch! As soon as she had seen that line, Terezi slid one finger into her nook, massaging the walls with a moan. She liked this, this roleplay was becoming nice. She was glad she tried this. But definitely not Vriska. Vriska would make them do an insect form roleplay and make Terezi play as an insect like a dragonfly or something while she was some sort of spider. Terezi covered her face in embarrassment, sniffing at her monitor.

She just orgasmed all over the screen. She ran off, grabbing a paper towel, wiping it down. Her face was a dark teal, yet she was still thinking about what Nepeta was finishing. Afurter she has done so, her nearly dead dragon shrinks in size! Terezi sat back down after her mess was cleaned up, scrolling up and reading what happened. She subconsciously touched her nook again, rubbing it, gasping at the last line. She practically began to grind against her hand, ready to orgasm again.

Terezi entered Kanaya's hive, smiling at the beautiful woman. Kanaya smiled back at her, happy to see her. Her fetish was a beautiful thing. I'm wearing it! Terezi smiled at the colorful room, sniffing. Now I'm going to strip! She wasn't really girly, but when she needed to look the part, she was excellent.

Her lingerie was simple, it consisted of a corset, with bows lining the ties and the straps. Her breasts were exposed, but the straps went over her nipples. It was a good choice because Rose told her Kanaya had a tit fetish. The lingerie would perfectly highlight her big breasts.

Over the lingerie, a transparent red veil covered her body, just below her ass. She had to tuck into her pants when she walked over. She smiled, waiting for Kanaya to turn and see this beauty. It was so nice and proper, Terezi almost didn't like it, but the taste was all she needed to get it. Plus she could use fancy lingerie.

It was perfect for her! It was a beautiful piece of lingerie, teal with a teal dragon tail coming from the rear, the top fitted with a hood, a hood with a dragon snout. It was like her cape!

Terezi growled as she was forced to climb off her kismesis. She shuffled away, bending herself openly for Vriska, all under her command. She was reminded that her nipples were clamped as the chopsticks brushed gently across the carpet.

It was lingerie!? Kanaya continued to do her business, stripping and pulling on some green lingerie of her own. It looked some what of a green dress, detachable to just a push up bra and lace panties. She turned when she was done, almost gasping at the lingerie the libra had worn over. He figured he'd start up and she'd be panting a lot. John smiled at her and she grinned back. He stabled his hands beside her head, slowly pushing himself into her nook. She let out a soft moan, cooing a bit.

John groaned out and slowly he began thrusting in and out of her. He worked himself into a rhythm, thrusting in deep and getting a bit faster, moaning and trying hard to get her to pant. Terezi moaned and cried out in pleasure, she quickly began panting as she moaned. John leaned down and embraced her panting.

She questioned his sanity by that but she decided that a man's kinks should never be questioned, just embraced. John panted, feeling overheated with his shirt still on.

He breathed fast, using his powers to help him catch his own breath. His glasses fogged up and he continued to thrust, panting and groaning. Terezi whimpered again and cried out, moaning louder as she hit her climax. John followed her quick, pulling out of her.

She panted, smiling weakly at him. She pecked his lips, letting him climbing off. Terezi sat up, sweating heavily. John grabbed her clothes and handed them to her. She accepted them, beginning to dress.

She nodded as she pulled on her pants. John tried to snatch them but she moved them. She stood up, making him stand up too. He looked down at her, trying to grab them. She ducked and moved back, giggling. She skidded to a stop in front of his dad. I'll be back for you later! Alright I got some questioning on him licking her clit; when I originally wrote this, I had decided that trolls have something that's at the same sensitivity of a clit, except inside a troll's nook, since they actually have a bulge and all.

In the next chapter Terezi also remarks on that trolls have theirs in their nook, its something different but its at the same sensitivity as a human's clit. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Comments: 49 Kudos: Bookmarks: 23 Hits: Totally was going to change the title but its a perfect title. Notes: I thought this was a good idea, each chapter will be labelled with the character s with terezi Chapter 1 : John Summary: Includes 69 and John's fetish for panting due to breath.

Notes: See the end of the chapter for notes. Chapter Text John sat up, tugging the collar of his shirt. H-huh, missionary is traditional? Notes: Alright I got some questioning on him licking her clit; when I originally wrote this, I had decided that trolls have something that's at the same sensitivity of a clit, except inside a troll's nook, since they actually have a bulge and all.

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