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Guess I could take this one buddy, scene I always said there are no stupid questions except for the ones you don't ask, but it's gonna take some time to fully explain scene I don't know exactly what you mean. For young boys puberty starts between the ages of There are 3 ways for a boy to cum let's say spill. The correct word is ejaculate. It only happens when your body has developed sufficiently to ejaculate. A boy will have his first ejaculation very close to twelve months after the start of puberty. The start of puberty enlargement of the testicles can happen normally anywhere from age eleven to age fourteen.

It's completely normal. Premature ejaculation, Continue Reading.

Balls (also known as Testicles)

Premature ejaculation, for some boys all it takes is to get aroused a hard on or erection and they will spill in their pants. This is premature ejaculation and is completely normal. Masturbation all young boys at sometime or another masturbate, masturbation it when you rub yout penis with your hand or aginst something else until you spill this also is completely normal.

No 4 but if you masturbate allot witch is again completely normal for an adolescent boy you will not have as many wet dreams and probably won't spill in your pants.

Jan 27,   YES of all BOYS and MEN DO know when they are abut shoot off!! and if truth be tolled girls do know when there men is about to shoot off!! and must girls can not say that they do not know then it is about to happen If they say they do not know they are LIEING BIG TIME!!! Do all men Have Pre Cum? PRECUM! can my girlfriend get. Oct 21,   Read on for what these 10 people had to say about what the male orgasm actually feels like to them - from the weird fantasies they experience right before it, to what they do after (nap), and. Here are the reasons why men ejaculate so fast Reason #1 Why Men Ejaculate so Fast? Procreation. The reason why men ejaculate so quickly is because of procreation. And that's the main reason why men naturally comes first before women. It ensures the seed is planted in woman's uterus for procreation.

No 5 I don't h know WTF is up with the numbers man. I know this is onward, It is for me too cause I am the one trying to explain this stuff, But you asked and I am taking a lot off time for you so be patient and I will try to explain some things about early puberty to you, Ok buddy Ok. How does a 12 yr old boy cum? Again these stupid numbers!

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Well if you haven't came yet be expecting a small amount of clear sticky fluid oozing from the tip of your penis when you masturbate this is called semen it and it will soon contain your sperm Now as you get older your penis will thicken and gain length we can talk about size later and become more sensitive Your testicles, nuts, balls, whatever, will drop one hanging lower usually to the right so don't worry its normal, and start to produce sperm this sperm will mix with your semen and produce a thick sticky milky white substance and that is well,your cum and there will be a lot of it and it will squirt everywhere.

I have 2 boys I know it's rough. It's all good, we can all chill.

Why does my boyfriend cum so fast? ??

Just don't shoot your eye out kid!!! I have a girlfriend and I'm worried that thi I am a year-old boy, and when I masturbate solo I cum in about 2 minutes. Is this bad?

The male orgasm explained

Will there be any consequences if a year-old boy cums several days in a row? How can I ejaculate faster? I am Quora UserWas once a teenage boy with teenage boys as friends. Originally Answered: How do I learn to ejaculate?

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I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now. We have had lots of foreplay about 15 minutes or even longer sometimes and sometimes tried for quickies with about 3 minutes of foreplay. No matter what the circumstance is he cums within two minutes! At first it was not that much of a problem because the foreplay and oral was really good, but I just want to get rocked and it's very frustrating.

He gets totally satisfied all of the time.

Why does my boyfriend cum so fast? ?? I feeling mad upset cause why done I feeling cum 2 min that why I keep doing this so what can I do for now so why I cum 2 min again.

We normally go for three rounds and each time he cums within 5 minutes. The best I can do is get on top and he'll last longerr, but it's really not fair. We tried a cock ring What can I do?

Why do boys cum

We have plenty of sex and I'm always trying various positions. The longest he goes is with me on top, teasing him and pulling it out frequently. Please help.

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Alex Send a private message. Sex Tips. RamonG Send a private message. I struggled with PE for years and years. Since my first encounters at the age of I suffer from horrible pelvic muscles that reflex alot from my sensative penis. Even when I dont want them to causing PE. Most of all this was causing major depression and anxiety.

mespilman. Lets face it; sex can turn from hot and steamy to uncomfortably awkward in a matter of minutes, or seconds. Premature ejaculation is a real thing and if I had to make an educated guess, I'd say most women have been with a man that has came very quickly at one time or another. Jul 22,   A guide to balls. How ejaculation works, testicular cancer, ball checks, prostate gland, G spot and 'pre cum' This guide can only really teach you some of the basics - you might want to have a look at your own private parts (in private) to see how all this feels for yourself. Dec 01,   Yes that is correct Handytim, more cum or semen comes out if you let some one else do it for you, particularly a female. Before I married my girlfriend used to take my penis in both her hands and masturbate me in a regular basis, at least doing that she would not become pregnant, a .

I was scared to sleep with women. No man should have to deal with this. I know alot of men do. I probably go in about minutes maxmostly around minutes.

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Some encounters I would have so much anxiety id go before i even entered. Luckily ive had many partners understand. I always feared women cared SO much about sex.

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I had sex for about 30 mins. Guest over a year ago i was just on my period exactly two weeks ago, so im not getting it anytime soon.

Guess I could take this one buddy, scene I always said there are no stupid questions except for the ones you don't ask, but it's gonna take some time to fully explain scene I don't know exactly what you mean. For young boys puberty starts between. Dec 13,   Why do guys like to ejaculate all over a woman's body? Dec 13, I was wondering what the deal is with guys ejaculating on different parts of a girl's body. Why do they get off on that? Mar 27,   Why Do Guys Always Announce When They're Going to Cum? It turns out there are many reasons, and they're all essential and good Here at the MEL offices, we decided to do a three-way cum chat between a straight man (John), a gay man (C. Brian) and a straight woman (Tracy) to get to the bottom of this cum-nomenon (sorry).

Guest over a year ago well me and my partner are pretty poitive he didnt pre cum or cum, we're just worried about maybe if he leaked, could i still get pregnet if he just leaked a little. But I would take comfort in the fact that conception in your case is pretty unlikely, depending on where you were in your cycle at the time, and if your man had ejaculated recently prior to this umetalstringsound.comotected sex.

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Precum alone doesnt carry sperm, but after an ejaculation, semen is left behind in the urethra the tube that urine and semen pass through which is then pushed out by the passing precum into the vagina as it comes out.

Guest over a year ago well its been 8 or nine days and still i havnt any symptoms other than a little bleeding. I'm terrified that i may be pregenet but have no way of getting a pregnancy test.

Guest over a year ago ask somebody to buy u a pg test Guest over a year ago yes we kno wwhen we r going to cum. Belden over a year ago Absolutely we know when we are about to cum. Several things happen, one of which is a lot of men, is the scrotum draws up close to the body.

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Stomach muscles may start to twitch, as do toes and fingers.

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