OPEN for Business!!! June 02 2014

Greetings Friends, Family and Fellow Musicians/Music Lovers,

We're so excited and very proud to announce our new project --an online music store specializing in our favorite sounds-- more specifically, the equipment you need to create them. Just to go ahead and get this cheesy bio business out of the way, here's a little about who we are and why we're here:

Adam is a musician/writer from Blacksburg/Raleigh with a passion for sound, He has been an avid Roscoe bass player for years, is an active member of the TalkBass community and is a gear junkie to say the very least. Adam's purpose for MetalString Sound is to support and promote manufacturers of favorite brands while concurrently helping musicians, primarily bassists, refine and achieve great sound with quality instruments, strings and effects. Adam has been the bassist/songwriter for Out of Orbit and Ungrained, and is currently using many of our store offerings in the studio with his current band Chaosmic, recording their debut album for a release later this year.

Safia lives in the lovely Durham NC with her two boys Carter and Arthur and is a UNC-CH grad with a degree in Biology and Entrepreneurship. She has a wealth of business experience through previous entrepreneurial endeavors, and is well versed in modern e-commerce, business development, best business practice and technology, social media and marketing. Although not a musician herself, Safia loves to fill her ears with sweet sound and is an avid supporter of the musical community off-stage. 

Like the best of the best we're in it to win it, but more importantly we're in it just to be in it --because this is who we are and we believe in doing what we love. We'd like to extend gratitude to our friends and families for your support, and to those with whom we haven't yet connected- we're looking forward to getting to know you as we continue to grow and venture into different aspects of this warm, creative and totally f*cking kickass musical community!


Love and \m/,

MetalString Sound, Inc.