MetalString Sound Partners with Roscoe July 16 2014

     We'd like to start by expressing tremendous gratitude to our family, friends, colleagues and customers who have and continue to support us personally and professionally with MetalString Sound. The warm welcome we've received is precisely why we've chosen to venture forward with excitement and enthusiasm for our project and further into a community that we love, respect and support wholeheartedly.           

     It is therefore with great pride and excitement that we announce our partnership with the world renowned, award winning and all around great group of guys who craft stunning works of playable art in our own backyard.. Roscoe GuitarsWe are so excited to have the honor of being the Raleigh/Durham NC dealer for Roscoe Guitars and will strive to become known as the best, for those who are looking for a superior bass- and more specifically who are looking for a Roscoe.

Adam recalls fondly the first time he happened across a Roscoe bass about 10 years ago, during a stop-in visit to a local music shop in Raleigh:

     "I was immediately intrigued by it's appearance and once I played it I knew I had found the bass I had been searching for. I'd played some really nice basses prior to the Roscoe and had even toured some other legendary woodshops in search of the instrument that really spoke to me, but no other bass stood out like the Roscoe. Every detail about these basses seem to unlock the most desired experiences for me when playing an instrument: creativity, passion and inspiration, with a design that makes a Roscoe feel like a true extension of my body and mind. I've been the proud owner of several Roscoe basses since and have played them proudly on countless gigs and several studio recordings. They are the type of instrument that beckons to be explored and instills a sense of deep inspiration and drive to become a better player who is more connected to the creative source.

     I've been fortunate to have owned 6 Roscoe basses over the years, of which I currently own 3, and to have developed a friendship with the faces behind the brand. My latest Roscoe bass was a custom build. I had a specific goal for the tone of my bass that could be summed up in a few words: aggressive, responsive and punchy. I wanted an instrument that could cut through a loud band with authority and clarity on all 5 strings. It's an incredible feeling to pick out raw pieces of lumber with the goal and vision of assembling an instrument to connect with on a deep and profound level. I hand-selected every detail of my custom build: the body wood, top wood, fingerboard, electronics and all of the details that resulted in the perfect bass for me both in style and in sound. The bass I received has all I had hoped for and so much more. From day one it was an amazing process that I reflect fondly upon and look forward to experiencing again many times over."                                                                                                       

     We recently visited the Roscoe shop in Greensboro and, like kids in a candy store, dug through the treasure trove that is the woodpile. We feel confident that the instruments made from our reserved selections will instill those same feelings of inspiration, excitement and passion to play, in their future owners.


Cheers to moving forward with the next step,

Adam and Safia