Introducing Rabbit Hole FX October 01 2015

We want to officially announce and share some exciting information with you about Rabbit Hole FX, which is our (Adam and Safia's) new brand of effects pedals that's set to release by the end of this week, which is just after our anticipated September release, but that's just the nature of production sometimes and we appreciate your patience :).

After adjusting our relationship to include business in 2014 with MetalString Sound's retail store and to assist clients in designing custom Roscoe basses, we decided to take our offerings one step further and create our own line of effect pedals - drawing from Adam's extensive knowledge of and connection with the effects pedal market and plenty of ideas as a musician, and in partnership with my dad, Frank, who's a recently retired analog electronics hobbyist and professional engineer with the knowledge and tools to bring these ideas to fruition. With my role as the partner who ties all the pieces together, we began developing the Chaosmic Fuzz last October and after a year in the 'Rabbit Hole' it's finally done and we're ready to celebrate! 

We've invited a couple of our favorite bands Freedom Hawk from Virginia and Mountain Thrower from Wilmington (and Chaosmic, of course, for and by which the Fuzz tone was designed) to The Maywood in Raleigh on October 23 for our official release party, where we'll have the Fuzz set up to try out on bass and guitar and a pedal raffle at the end of the night as well. Have a look at the event page here and come on out to celebrate with us on the 23rd if you're local, want to check out Rabbit Hole FX and the Chaosmic Fuzz, and hear some great bands.

Adam and I are looking forward to an incredibly festive and hard-earned evening of celebration as we wrap up the Chaosmic Fuzz project and move on to the next (there are more in the works.. pedal #2 will be a phaser.) As development continues, we're so excited to receive feedback from those who try out the Fuzz. If you'd like to give us a quote, review, or be featured on our artists page as a Rabbit Hole FX supporter please contact us anytime here or through, as your interest and support is warmly welcomed and appreciated.

The Chaosmic Fuzz will be available as an exclusive offering through MetalString Sound's online store. 

We will also be heading to the Nashville Music Gear Expo the weekend of November 12-15, where we will be showcase and sell not only the Chaosmic Fuzz, but all of the amazing brands we represent through MetalString Sound.