Roscoe Guitars

MetalString Sound has partnered with Roscoe Guitars, and we are so excited to work with you, the player, and the fine folks at Roscoe to create your new heirloom-quality handmade bass that represents the best-of-the-best in design, craftsmanship, aesthetics and playability. You can peruse custom instrument options at and contact us with any questions or requests to reserve a bass already in production or to start on a custom build. Thank you for checking out our store and available builds in progress, and for giving us the opportunity to help you find or create your ideal instrument.

Basses we've already placed into production will be available sooner than start-to-finish custom builds, and specs may be modifiable depending on the instrument's progress. Contact us for more information and with requests, as well as for estimated build progress and/or delivery times. The pile of top woods reserved for customers of MetalString Sound have and will be carefully hand-selected from the Roscoe shop's collection of exotic wood located conveniently in Greensboro NC. If you'd like to design a custom bass or guitar, check out the photos of available tops we've chosen and if you see one you love contact us to push your new Roscoe into production. Or if you have something else in mind, we'd be happy to dig through the Roscoe woodpile and find the ideal piece to help realize your vision of the perfect bass.

If you'd like to explore the unique elements that justify our high praise for Roscoe Guitars and Basses before committing to your own custom build please call 919-946-5293 or email for an appointment to try out one (or a few!) of our on-hand Roscoe basses. 

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