EarPeace HD Ear Plugs

$ 17.95

We sell things that make sound. Very, very loud sound.. and now because protecting your hearing is important we've decided to sell earplugs as well, to protect your ears from all that racket. (If you destroy your hearing and the sound is gone, then it's your own damn fault and what's the point of all of this anyway??)

We've given these EarPeace earplugs quite a run for the money in loud rooms, louder rooms and devastatingly loud rooms.. and love them enough to stock them and encourage everyone to have a set. If you've seen Adam play bass you know how aggressive and full of movement his performance is, and a huge testament to EarPeace is that they don't fall out (!) They look and feel way better than those bright orange foam beasts, come with a selection of filters, an extra in case you lose one and a great little keychain case so you'll always have them on hand.

Seriously, folks, these earplugs are great. Get 'em.

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