Rabbit Hole FX: Chaosmic Fuzz

$ 239.00

The Chaosmic Fuzz is now IN STOCK!!!

The Chaosmic Fuzz allows precise, fine-tuning to your instrument and rig via the 6 controls:

  • Gain - Wide range of gain on tap; from mild to over-the-top.
  • Chaos - Morphs from dynamic growling fuzz tones all the way to searing upper-octave inter-modulating madness.
  • Level - Fuzz signal volume. 
  • Low - Low EQ - from the thin, maddening buzz of mosquitoes to the terrifying resonance of an epic swarm of giant hornets. 
  • High - High EQ - from deep, dark fuzz to scalpel-sharp piercing tones that cut through the biggest band and loudest mix.
  • Clean - Clean signal volume.   


Other features include: 

  • Top-mounted input/output/power jacks
  • Industry standard 2.1mm 9v DC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery option)
  • Small 125B sized pedal board friendly enclosure
  • Soft-switching relay-based True Bypass footswitch  
  • Violet LED indicator
  • High quality parts used throughout for superior noise-free performance.
  • A black satin multi-purpose swag bag.


 Chaosmic Fuzz SoundCloud Audio Demo

 Chaosmic Fuzz YouTube Video Demo by Gear Talk's Lance Seymour

more Chaosmic Fuzz at www.rabbitholefx.com 




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