(SOLD) Roscoe SKB Signature 5-string Fretted Bass

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Here's a top-of-the-line Roscoe SKB Signature with a lot of great upgrades! The natural tone of this Roscoe makes for one of the biggest sounding basses I've ever heard: huge lows, thick mids and clear treble all the way up and down the neck. Speaking of necks, this one is maxed out with the Signature 5-piece Wedge design made of Wenge, Maple and Purpleheart. This is also one of the few Roscoe's that I've seen to have a Wenge Sapwood fingerboard. Not much even needs to be said about the beautiful Koa top...except that pieces this nice are getting very difficult to find. The tried and true formula of Bartolini "Roscoe" soapbar pickups and preamp give this bass tremendous versatility and a sweet, musical compression. The Spanish Cedar body brings the perfect balance between the fat resonance of Mahogany and the punch and liveliness of Swamp Ash. In other words, this bass is super touch-sensitive with a punch that hits HARD! This Roscoe would sell for $6900 if ordered new today, so save yourself some money and score a seriously amazing instrument!


Serial #6192

Weight: 9lb. 15oz.

Exhibition Koa top

Spanish Cedar body with Wenge "shim"

Signature 5-piece Wedge Neck (Wenge/Maple/Wenge with Purpleheart stringers)

Wenge Sapwood fingerboard

Koa 12th Fret Inlay

Diamondwood nut

Natural gloss finish 

Bartolini "Roscoe" soapbar pickups

Bartolini 3-band preamp

Hipshot bridge & ultra light tuners

Dunlop strap-locks

Black hardware

Roscoe hardcase



Call Adam at 919-616-3483 or email metalstring.sound@gmail.com with questions. 


Sold Out

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