(SOLD) Roscoe LG Standard 5-String Fretted Bass

$ 2,680.00

This Roscoe LG Standard has got it goin' on in spades! It's hot-rodded with Aguilar pickups and an OBP-3 preamp (which is not an available option on the Roscoe Standard lines). It also features a lightweight one-piece Swamp Ash body finished in Roscoe's Transparent White. This bass can cover a TON of sonic ground with it's premium electronics and Roscoe build quality. Everything from deep dub to cutting articulate rock flows effortlessly from this bass!


Serial #F083

Weight: 8lb. 7oz.

Swamp Ash body (one-piece)

3-piece Maple neck

Pau Ferro fingerboard (PLEK'd)

Hand-carved graphite nut

Transparent White finish

Aguilar 5J-HC (neck) & AG-5M (bridge) Pickups

Aguilar 3-band OBP-3 preamp (exclusive upgrade)

Hipshot bridge & Gotoh tuners

Dunlop strap-locks

Black hardware

Roscoe gig bag 


Sold Out

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