(SOLD) Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5-string Fretted Bass

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Wow!! This amazing Standard Plus was inspired by my own personal Roscoe and they really produced a tone monster with this one!! The Ziricote top adds dark elegant beauty while the one-piece Swamp Ash body brings the punch and booty. The "JB" pickup placement and Wenge fingerboard further ensures you will never be lost in the mix. This bass delivers the deep thump and grind of a P, the massive attack and cut of a Stingray and the warm articulate punch of a J, with the playability and craftsmanship of a Roscoe. Step this way if you're looking for a superior instrument that provides iconic and sought-after tones delivered with absolute authority.


Serial #G082

Ziricote top

Swamp Ash body (one-piece)

3-piece Maple neck 

Wenge fingerboard

Hand-carved graphite nut

Natural oil finish

Bartolini Jazz pickups in JB location (both pickups close to bridge)

Bartolini 3-band preamp

Hipshot bridge & Gotoh tuners

Dunlop strap-locks

Black hardware

Roscoe gig bag


Call Adam at 919-616-3483 or email metalstring.sound@gmail.com with questions. 

Sold Out

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